Elephant Aid International

NDF will support EAI's Chains Free Campaign in Nepal to help further the awareness around captive elephants in chains.

Elephants Refuge North America, Attapulgus, Georgia

ERNA, provides a natural environment in which captive-held elephants can recover from past traumas and develop healthy bonds with caregivers and other elephants. ERNA improves elephant welfare by collaborating with governments around the world, elephant caregivers and elephant owners; raising awareness of the plight of captive-held elephants everywhere they live; and advocating for improves standards and practices.

Coral Reef Alliance, Oakland CA

The San Francisco Bay has never been protected as a marine preserve. In view of the Bay's notoriety and it's delicate spawning grounds it is surorising that it has never been declared a marine preserve. NDF plans to work with the Coral Reef Alliance to establish a marine protected preserve within the SF Bay in order to protect the marine environment and help ensure sustainable fisheries

Rainforest Action Network, SF

RAN is targeting the destructive nature of harvesting Conflict Palm Oil in the Leuser Ecosystem of Indonesia. NDF plans to support RAN's campaign to educate consumers here in California about the devastating trickle down effect that purchasing products containing palm oil has on the the biodiversity of rainforests in the Leuser Ecosystem, lesser known than the well publicized rainforests of the Amazon and the Congo. 

Mercy for Animals

MFA believes that a humane society is possible. They are committed to reducing the greatest amount of suffering for the largest number of animals. Their efforts are focused on protecting farmed animals-the most abused and exploited animals on the planet. They utilize a broad range of strategic approaches that seek to expose cruelty. prosecute abusers, and inspire consumers to make compassionate food choices.